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134 crashes found

Highest injury level per crash

Fatality Major Injury
Date Time Roads Vehicles Total People Pedestrians Bicyclists Major Injuries Fatalities
details01/201719:20 p.m.STREET RD240000
details01/20178:41 a.m.STREET RD & RICHLIEU RD230000
details01/201717:08 p.m.STREET RD230000
details01/201711:15 a.m.STREET RD220000
details01/20172:51 a.m.KINGSTON WY & STREET RD230000
details01/201715:26 p.m.RAMP M RD & STREET RD230000
details01/201714:41 p.m.STREET RD240000
details01/201711:11 a.m.STREET RD & RAMP M RD340000
details01/20177:15 a.m.STREET RD230000
details02/201716:29 p.m.TILLMAN DR & CASINO WY & STREET RD220000
details02/201716:14 p.m.STREET RD & SHADY LN240000
details02/201717:21 p.m.STREET RD350000
details02/201722:13 p.m.MECHANICSVILLE RD & STREET RD240000
details02/201719:05 p.m.STREET RD330000
details02/201717:27 p.m.STREET RD440000
details02/201719:03 p.m.STREET RD220000
details03/201713:31 p.m.STREET RD220000
details03/201719:20 p.m.STREET RD220000
details03/201718:15 p.m.STREET RD440000
details03/201716:23 p.m.STREET RD240000
details03/201710:52 a.m.STREET RD & RICHLIEU RD & NOTTINGHAM WY330000
details03/201718:38 p.m.ESSEX DR & STREET RD & HIGH AV4100000
details03/201715:09 p.m.STREET RD110000
details03/20173:00 a.m.STREET RD110000
details03/201721:28 p.m.STREET RD230000
details03/201717:11 p.m.STREET RD580000
details03/201713:04 p.m.MECHANICSVILLE RD & STREET RD230000
details04/20177:24 a.m.KINGSTON WY & STREET RD220000
details04/201717:31 p.m.STREET RD240000
details04/201713:32 p.m.STREET RD & KINGSTON WY120000
details04/201713:46 p.m.STREET RD230000
details04/201712:03 a.m.STREET RD250000
details04/201711:25 a.m.STREET RD470000
details04/201720:16 p.m.STREET RD230000
details04/201714:00 p.m.STREET RD330000
details04/201713:28 p.m.STREET RD & HIGH AV & ESSEX DR220000
details05/201719:33 p.m.RAMP RD & STREET RD110000
details05/201721:37 p.m.RAMP M RD & STREET RD220000
details05/20179:55 a.m.STREET RD230000
details05/201717:45 p.m.STREET RD340000
details05/20171:06 a.m.STREET RD220000
details05/201711:27 a.m.STREET RD & EDDINGTON AV230000
details05/201712:29 p.m.STREET RD230000
details05/201720:55 p.m.KNIGHTS RD & STREET RD240000
details05/201716:57 p.m.STREET RD230000
details05/201722:30 p.m.MECHANICSVILLE RD & STREET RD220000
details05/201715:51 p.m.KINGSTON WY & STREET RD360000
details05/201715:37 p.m.STREET RD330000
details05/201715:44 p.m.STREET RD230000
details05/201716:42 p.m.STREET RD230000
details06/201715:38 p.m.STREET RD220000
details06/201713:00 p.m.STREET RD220000
details06/201712:40 p.m.STREET RD & EDDINGTON AV230000
details06/201715:49 p.m.STREET RD240000
details06/201712:33 p.m.STREET RD230000
details06/201714:43 p.m.KINGSTON WY & STREET RD220000
details06/201715:48 p.m.STREET RD250000
details06/201721:23 p.m.STREET RD240000
details06/201721:00 p.m.STREET RD240000
details07/20176:39 a.m.RAMP RD & STREET RD220000
details07/201721:02 p.m.STREET RD250000
details07/201717:18 p.m.STREET RD220000
details07/201713:44 p.m.TILLMAN DR & STREET RD220000
details07/201712:15 p.m.STREET RD & ESSEX DR & HIGH AV220001
details07/201715:18 p.m.STREET RD220000
details07/201713:18 p.m.STREET RD & RICHLIEU RD220000
details07/201721:01 p.m.TILLMAN DR & STREET RD240000
details07/201713:40 p.m.STREET RD230000
details07/201717:19 p.m.STREET RD & KNIGHTS RD220000
details07/201717:05 p.m.STREET RD & BROOKWOOD DR220000
details08/201720:15 p.m.STREET RD & RICHLIEU RD230000
details08/201714:40 p.m.RICHLIEU RD & STREET RD250000
details08/201714:00 p.m.STREET RD220000
details08/201721:30 p.m.RAMP RD & STREET RD220000
details08/201717:49 p.m.STREET RD & ESSEX DR & HIGH AV240000
details09/201715:24 p.m.STREET RD220000
details09/201715:58 p.m.STREET RD440000
details09/201717:17 p.m.STREET RD & KNIGHTS RD121000
details09/201714:09 p.m.STREET RD230000
details09/201719:22 p.m.STREET RD230000
details09/201719:34 p.m.STREET RD & MECHANICSVILLE RD290000
details09/201718:57 p.m.STREET RD & ESSEX DR & HIGH AV220000
details09/201720:16 p.m.STREET RD340000
details09/201722:32 p.m.STREET RD & KINGSTON WY110000
details09/201710:50 a.m.TURNPIKE RAMP RD & STREET RD340000
details09/201719:47 p.m.STREET RD250000
details09/20176:27 a.m.STREET RD220000
details09/201712:28 p.m.STREET RD & RICHLIEU RD220000
details09/20179:10 a.m.STREET RD & KNIGHTS RD370000
details09/201716:11 p.m.STREET RD330000
details10/201720:59 p.m.STREET RD & RAMP P RD220000
details10/201723:50 p.m.STREET RD220000
details10/201713:25 p.m.STREET RD220000
details10/201712:35 p.m.STREET RD & RICHLIEU RD360000
details10/201718:02 p.m.STREET RD350000
details10/201718:43 p.m.STREET RD340000
details10/201716:53 p.m.HIGH AV & STREET RD & ESSEX DR220000
details10/201722:43 p.m.KNIGHTS RD & STREET RD230000
details10/201723:06 p.m.STREET RD220000
details10/201718:30 p.m.STREET RD & HULMEVILLE RD220000
details10/201713:29 p.m.STREET RD220000
details10/201722:36 p.m.STREET RD351000
details10/201714:35 p.m.STREET RD220000
details11/201710:52 a.m.STREET RD340000
details11/201718:31 p.m.STREET RD & TURNPIKE RAMP RD240000
details11/201717:36 p.m.STREET RD & KNIGHTS RD230000
details11/201711:02 a.m.STREET RD & KNIGHTS RD220000
details11/201717:39 p.m.STREET RD230010
details11/201717:10 p.m.STREET RD240000
details11/201717:15 p.m.STREET RD350000
details11/201715:49 p.m.STREET RD230000
details11/20175:42 a.m.STREET RD & RICHLIEU RD230000
details11/20174:19 a.m.KNIGHTS RD & STREET RD110000
details11/201711:07 a.m.STREET RD220000
details11/201712:41 p.m.STREET RD350000
details11/201723:22 p.m.RICHLIEU RD & STREET RD260000
details12/201716:18 p.m.STREET RD230000
details12/201717:39 p.m.STREET RD & BROOKWOOD DR220000
details12/201715:56 p.m.STREET RD230000
details12/201717:47 p.m.STREET RD260000
details12/201717:44 p.m.EDDINGTON AV & STREET RD230000
details12/20175:40 a.m.STREET RD & RAMP M RD230000
details12/201712:48 p.m.STREET RD220000
details12/201716:55 p.m.TURNPIKE RAMP RD & STREET RD220000
details12/201717:08 p.m.STREET RD230000
details12/201716:01 p.m.STREET RD330000
details12/201722:54 p.m.STREET RD331000
details12/201718:00 p.m.STREET RD220000
details12/201717:58 p.m.STREET RD460000
details12/201713:27 p.m.STREET RD230000
details12/201717:46 p.m.STREET RD340000
details12/201713:57 p.m.STREET RD230000
details12/201716:24 p.m.STREET RD240000
details12/201718:35 p.m.STREET RD480000


Fatalities Major Injuries
1 1




Data Sources: PennDOT

PennDot compiles annual reports of reportable crashes in Pennsylvania. Crashes not defined as reportable will not appear. PennDot's website defines reportable crashes as :
"A reportable crash is one in which the incident occurs on a highway or traffic way that is open to the public and an injury or a fatality occurs, or at least one of the vehicles involved requires towing from the scene. The figures are compiled from the traffic crash reports that are submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation by state, county, municipal and other law enforcement agencies, as specified in the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code (75 Pa. C.S., Chapter 37, Subchapter C)."

Contact: DataHub

* Definitions

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) definition of Aggressive Driving is two or more driver actions considered aggressive.

Driver actions considered aggressive are the following:

  • Making Illegal U-Turn
  • Improper/Careless Turning
  • Turning From Wrong Lane
  • Proceeding W/O Clearance After Stop
  • Running Stop Sign
  • Running Red Light
  • Failure To Respond To Other Traffic Control Device
  • Tailgating
  • Sudden Slowing/Stopping
  • Careless Passing Or Lane Change
  • Passing In No Passing Zone
  • Making Improper Entrance To Highway
  • Making Improper Exit From Highway
  • Speeding
  • Driving Too Fast For Conditions
  • Driver Fleeing Police
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