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Crashes in Philadelphia County involving pedestrian or bicyclist fatalities or major injuries

873 crashes found

Highest injury level per crash

Killed Major Injury
Date Time Roads Vehicles Total People Pedestrians Bicyclists Injuries Major Injuries Fatalities
details01/20113:36 a.m.BENSON ST & FRANKFORD AV2310001
details01/201121:00 p.m.CONSHOHOCKEN AV1210110
details01/201117:45 p.m.WOODLAND AV1210001
details01/20113:10 a.m.GLENWOOD AV1210110
details02/201116:37 p.m.N FRONT ST1210001
details01/20118:00 a.m.CAMBRIA ST & FOURTH ST1210110
details02/201122:20 p.m.ARCH ST1210110
details02/201199:99 p.m.TWELFTH ST1210110
details02/201117:00 p.m.PASSYUNK AV & RITNER ST1210110
details02/201120:06 p.m.TABOR RD1310110
details02/201118:56 p.m.CHAMPLOST ST & TENTH ST1320210
details02/20115:30 a.m.TABOR AV & GODFREY AV1201110
details02/201113:33 p.m.BROAD ST & BRANDYWINE ST1201110
details02/201121:20 p.m.MELON ST & BROAD ST1210001
details02/201120:14 p.m.BROAD ST41320101
details03/201113:30 p.m.HOWELL ST & TORRESDALE AV1201110
details03/201118:57 p.m.S CONCOURSE DR PS & LANSDOWNE DR PS1201110
details03/201116:35 p.m.BROAD ST & VINE ST & RAMP RD1210110
details03/201118:40 p.m.FRONT ST & SNYDER AV1310110
details03/201122:52 p.m.SIXTYSIXTH AV1310110
details03/201114:00 p.m.TWELFTH ST1320220
details04/201119:08 p.m.CHESTER AV & FIFTYEIGHTH ST4630421
details04/20112:23 a.m.RICHMOND ST1210001
details04/201121:29 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210101
details04/201113:57 p.m.EIGHTEENTH ST1310110
details04/201118:54 p.m.LAWNDALE ST & LUZERNE ST1210110
details04/20118:00 a.m.WHITAKER AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details04/20115:40 a.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL & RACE ST1210110
details04/201115:11 p.m.SANGER ST & ROOSEVELT BL1710110
details04/201116:32 p.m.VAUX ST & MIDVALE AV1210110
details04/201113:20 p.m.CHAMPLOST AV & N 5TH ST1210110
details04/201122:30 p.m.CAMBRIA ST & CHALMERS ST1210110
details05/20111:51 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL & FIFTH ST1210001
details05/201119:23 p.m.FRONT ST1210001
details05/20112:32 a.m.21ST ST & WALNUT ST1210110
details03/20112:26 a.m.TORRESDALE AV1210110
details05/20112:35 a.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL1310110
details05/20115:26 a.m.WELSH RD & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details05/201115:25 p.m.ACADEMY RD1210001
details05/201110:33 a.m.BROAD ST & RITNER ST1210001
details05/201117:50 p.m.GRAYS FERRY AV & FITZWATER ST1201110
details05/201113:44 p.m.MASCHER ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details05/201117:00 p.m.WARRINGTON AV & 50TH ST1210110
details02/20118:34 a.m.BRIDGE ST & RAMP B RD1210110
details05/201123:09 p.m.58TH ST & SPRINGFIELD AV1310210
details06/20118:08 a.m.GILLESPIE ST & LEVICK ST1210001
details06/201121:57 p.m.CEDAR AV & SIXTYFIRST ST1210210
details06/201123:00 p.m.WYALUSING AV1210001
details06/201112:48 a.m.ARAMINGO AV & CAMBRIA ST2310110
details06/201117:50 p.m.WALKER ST1210110
details05/201118:29 p.m.CHRISTIAN ST1510110
details06/201110:43 a.m.KINGSESSING AV & FORTYSEVENTH ST1201110
details06/20119:30 a.m.DOMINO LN1201110
details06/201119:47 p.m.BUSTLETON AV & BOWLER ST1410110
details06/201118:30 p.m.BENNINGTON ST1210110
details07/201123:00 p.m.JASPER ST & VENANGO ST1210110
details06/201113:40 p.m.FIFTH ST2201110
details07/201123:22 p.m.COMLY ST & TACONY ST1210110
details06/201117:40 p.m.SUSQUEHANNA AV1310110
details07/201123:57 p.m.FRANKFORD AV1210001
details07/201122:30 p.m.FIFTH ST1210110
details07/20114:48 a.m.MAY ST & LANCASTER AV1210001
details08/20112:20 a.m.OGONTZ AV & SPENCER AV1210110
details07/201119:25 p.m.CHRISTIAN ST1210110
details08/201119:15 p.m.FIFTIETH ST & HAVERFORD AV1201110
details08/201115:55 p.m.CHRISTIAN ST & FIFTEENTH ST1210110
details08/201116:50 p.m.ALLEGHENY AV1310110
details08/201117:19 p.m.BROAD ST1210110
details06/201119:00 p.m.TEMPLE RD2210110
details08/201199:99 p.m.LEHIGH AV & CORAL ST & FRANKFORD AV2410420
details08/201120:30 p.m.HAVERFORD AV & FIFTYSECOND ST1201110
details08/201199:99 p.m.FRANKFORD AV310101010
details08/20118:20 a.m.NINTH ST & CHESTNUT ST1210110
details08/201113:11 p.m.SEDGLEY AV & YORK ST1210110
details09/201116:25 p.m.MIDVALE AV & HENRY AV1210110
details08/20116:00 a.m.SIXTYFIFTH ST & BUIST AV1201001
details05/201118:18 p.m.COBBS CREEK PY1201110
details05/201116:31 p.m.HUNTINGDON ST & MYRTLEWOOD ST2540410
details09/201199:99 p.m.TYSON AV & CASTOR AV1210110
details09/201199:99 p.m.MARKET ST1320220
details09/20116:20 a.m.SECOND ST & LEHIGH AV1210110
details09/20119:55 a.m.SCHUYLKILL AV & RAMP A RD & WALNUT ST & SCHUYLKILL EX1201110
details09/201113:00 p.m.FRONT ST & OLNEY AV1210110
details09/201113:15 p.m.ROBINSON ST1210110
details09/201111:41 a.m.COTTMAN AV & HORROCKS ST1320220
details08/201119:51 p.m.DICKINSON ST & TWENTYSEVENTH ST1210110
details09/201121:00 p.m.GIRARD AV & NINTH ST1301110
details09/20113:30 a.m.S SEVENTH ST1201110
details09/20116:45 a.m.TORRESDALE AV1210001
details09/201119:37 p.m.B ST1210001
details09/201114:37 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1320101
details08/201112:00 a.m.VENANGO ST & CAMAC ST1210110
details06/201119:35 p.m.MARTIN LUTHER KING DR1201110
details10/201112:00 p.m.FOX ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210001
details10/201119:30 p.m.MIDVALE AV & HENRY AV1210110
details10/201122:30 p.m.GAUL ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210001
details09/201118:00 p.m.RIDGE AV2310001
details10/201122:06 p.m.TWENTYTHIRD ST & SPRUCE ST1201110
details08/201113:36 p.m.DIAMOND ST1410310
details10/201115:15 p.m.FRANKFORD AV & ARROTT ST & OXFORD AV & MARGARET ST1210110
details10/201113:20 p.m.CRESTVIEW RD & HENRY AV1210001
details10/201122:50 p.m.BROAD ST1210110
details11/201112:16 a.m.COTTMAN AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details09/20112:35 a.m.JOHN F KENNEDY BL1210110
details11/201121:15 p.m.RIDGE AV1210110
details11/201118:40 p.m.SOUTH CONCOURSE DR & BELMONT AV1210001
details11/201115:20 p.m.CECIL B MOORE AV2210110
details12/201118:14 p.m.SOLLY AV & ROOSEVELT BL & PENNYPACK CR1210110
details12/20118:50 a.m.TWENTIETH ST & APPLETREE ST1210001
details07/201121:46 p.m.ERIE AV4310210
details12/201118:25 p.m.PRICE ST1310101
details11/201118:10 p.m.LEHIGH AV6301101
details12/20111:30 a.m.HUNTING PARK AV1210110
details12/201118:40 p.m.OGONTZ AV1210001
details10/201117:00 p.m.HUTCHINSON ST2310110
details12/201110:10 a.m.FRANKFORD AV1210001
details10/201123:29 p.m.DELAWARE EX1210101
details11/201117:20 p.m.SEVENTYFIFTH AV & OGONTZ AV & WASHINGTON LN1210001
details12/20118:28 a.m.OLNEY AV & FRONT ST1310110
details12/201123:42 p.m.ARAMINGO AV1210110
details01/201220:16 p.m.CASTOR AV1210001
details12/201118:41 p.m.GODFREY AV & FIFTH ST1610110
details11/201112:25 a.m.BRIDGE ST & SALMON ST1210110
details01/201212:51 p.m.COULTER ST & WAYNE AV1210110
details01/201217:43 p.m.CALLOWHILL ST & SIXTH ST1210110
details01/201215:21 p.m.LARGE ST1510110
details02/201215:49 p.m.DEVEREAUX AV & BUSTLETON AV1210110
details03/201112:34 p.m.2ND ST1210110
details01/201215:39 p.m.WOODLAND AV & FORTYNINTH ST1210001
details04/201117:00 p.m.CHESTNUT ST & TWENTIETH ST1210110
details02/20122:20 a.m.BROAD ST & ERIE AV1210001
details01/20125:56 a.m.WELSH RD & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details01/201222:44 p.m.B ST & LEHIGH AV1310210
details02/201299:99 p.m.WILLITS RD1210001
details02/201218:43 p.m.HENRY AV1210001
details07/20119:13 a.m.BROAD ST1210110
details02/201218:15 p.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL1210110
details02/201212:28 a.m.THIRTEENTH ST1210110
details02/20129:41 a.m.THIRTYTHIRD ST & GIRARD AV1210210
details03/201212:25 a.m.BROAD ST & CHELTENHAM AV1210001
details02/201216:23 p.m.RIDGE AV1210001
details03/201220:58 p.m.FULMER ST & ROOSEVELT BL1310110
details03/201212:31 p.m.EIGHTH ST & WASHINGTON AV2740401
details03/201222:55 p.m.LINDBERGH BL1210110
details03/201210:25 a.m.WALMART SHOPPING CENTER LT1210110
details03/201217:15 p.m.FRANKFORD AV & MORRELL AV1210110
details06/20117:50 a.m.BARTRAM AV & EIGHTYFOURTH ST1210110
details04/20129:19 a.m.GIRARD AV11010001
details03/20124:00 a.m.ELLSWORTH ST & BROAD ST4310001
details03/201212:23 a.m.LINDEN AV1201001
details03/20129:51 a.m.FRANKFORD AV1210001
details10/201120:20 p.m.C ST & ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details03/201222:21 p.m.WASHINGTON LN1310001
details03/201215:28 p.m.VERNON RD & CHEW AV1210110
details12/201118:45 p.m.SUSQUEHANNA AV1210110
details03/201217:09 p.m.FIFTYSECOND ST1210110
details03/201219:00 p.m.TABOR RD1310001
details04/201218:28 p.m.CECIL B MOORE AV & TWENTYEIGHTH ST1310110
details04/201217:00 p.m.NINETEENTH ST1210110
details04/201215:34 p.m.OAKLEY ST1210110
details04/201222:17 p.m.TYSON AV1201110
details04/201215:25 p.m.FIFTYFIRST ST1310110
details04/201218:00 p.m.BALTIMORE AV1210110
details04/20122:00 a.m.HUNTING PARK AV1210110
details04/201221:30 p.m.BOYER ST & VERNON RD1210110
details05/201218:46 p.m.COTTMAN AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details04/201221:00 p.m.SIXTEENTH ST & MARKET ST1210110
details04/201212:55 p.m.TULIP ST2310110
details05/20126:15 a.m.CHELTENHAM AV1210110
details05/201210:40 a.m.EIGHTEENTH ST & CHANCELLOR ST1210110
details06/201217:00 p.m.ARAMINGO AV & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details05/201210:00 a.m.FORTYFIFTH ST & SPRINGFIELD AV1320220
details05/201222:15 p.m.TORRESDALE AV1201001
details05/20127:30 a.m.GIRARD AV & HOWARD ST1210110
details05/201219:16 p.m.RUTLAND ST1210110
details05/201214:19 p.m.SECOND ST1210110
details05/201223:35 p.m.FRANKFORD AV1210110
details05/201214:07 p.m.TYSON AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210210
details06/20128:50 a.m.MARKET ST1310110
details06/201215:40 p.m.CRESTON ST1210110
details05/201215:30 p.m.CECIL B MOORE AV1210110
details05/20126:35 a.m.RED LION RD1430301
details05/201220:53 p.m.ELKHART ST & FRANKFORD AV1310001
details06/20127:00 a.m.COTTMAN AV & BROUS AV1210110
details05/201220:00 p.m.MARKET ST1201110
details07/20121:28 a.m.BELFIELD AV1310110
details06/20122:10 a.m.SIXTYFIRST ST & CHESTNUT ST1210110
details07/201223:09 p.m.PASSYUNK AV1210001
details06/20125:45 a.m.AMERICAN ST1210001
details05/201221:40 p.m.S 64TH ST & GARMAN ST1210110
details07/201217:50 p.m.NINETEENTH ST1201110
details07/201220:10 p.m.VINE ST & SIXTYSECOND ST1201110
details08/201210:50 a.m.ERIE AV & L ST1210001
details07/201216:39 p.m.BROAD ST2310110
details07/201299:99 p.m.ROSS ST1310110
details07/201218:00 p.m.DICKINSON ST & NINETEENTH ST1201110
details08/201222:30 p.m.FIFTYSIXTH ST & WHITBY AV1201110
details08/20121:10 a.m.OXFORD AV1210101
details08/201216:19 p.m.53RD ST & DELANCEY ST1310110
details08/20122:14 a.m.HARTEL AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details07/20121:47 a.m.DELAWARE AV1210110
details08/201222:52 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1320201
details08/201216:37 p.m.FIFTYFIFTH ST1210110
details09/201210:10 a.m.MARKET ST1210110
details09/20127:25 a.m.KELLY DR2210010
details08/201219:29 p.m.PINE ST1210110
details09/201221:55 p.m.THOMPSON ST & DAUPHIN ST1410210
details10/20125:15 a.m.BROAD ST1310110
details10/201220:00 p.m.BROAD ST1210110
details10/201216:00 p.m.EDGEMONT ST1210110
details09/201217:55 p.m.GODFREY AV & TENTH ST1110110
details09/20124:20 a.m.QUEEN LN & WAYNE AV2310210
details10/201219:58 p.m.LEHIGH AV & GERMANTOWN AV1210110
details10/201220:36 p.m.OREGON AV & 10TH ST1201002
details09/201213:00 p.m.LEHIGH AV1210110
details10/201219:17 p.m.BUSTLETON AV1210001
details10/201221:40 p.m.RISING SUN AV1210110
details10/20121:35 a.m.GREENWAY AV1210110
details10/201220:35 p.m.SEDGLEY AV & TIOGA ST0510110
details10/20122:38 a.m.FIFTYSIXTH ST & CHESTNUT ST1210001
details10/201212:52 p.m.WEBSTER ST1310110
details10/201218:57 p.m.ARAMINGO AV & CASTOR AV1320220
details10/201220:00 p.m.TORRESDALE AV & PRATT ST1210110
details11/201215:24 p.m.WAYNE AV & SCHOOL HOUSE LN1210110
details11/201220:07 p.m.VERNON RD & STENTON AV1210110
details11/201215:25 p.m.KNORR ST1210110
details11/201219:05 p.m.ADAMS AV1210001
details06/201220:54 p.m.LEHIGH AV1210110
details12/201216:32 p.m.WHITAKER AV1210001
details12/201222:20 p.m.CHESTER AV1210001
details11/201216:25 p.m.WESTMORELAND ST & RICHMOND ST1210210
details12/201299:99 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL & FOUTH ST1210110
details10/201212:36 p.m.15TH ST & WALNUT ST1201110
details10/201215:04 p.m.LEHIGH AV & SECOND ST1210110
details11/201299:99 p.m.JACKSON ST1210110
details09/201223:25 p.m.HARBISON AV1210110
details12/201212:53 p.m.LINDBERGH BL1210001
details12/201221:16 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL & RHWAN ST1210001
details12/201218:13 p.m.MURDOCH RD & STENTON AV1210001
details12/20126:40 a.m.LINDBERGH BL & SEVENTYFOURTH ST1210001
details12/201223:04 p.m.SPRINGFIELD AV & BALTIMORE AV1410110
details12/20127:25 a.m.60TH ST & VINE ST1301001
details12/20121:42 a.m.THIRTYSIXTH ST & CHESTNUT ST1410110
details11/20124:57 a.m.ESSINGTON AV1210110
details12/201210:25 a.m.ALLEGHENY AV & FRANKFORD AV1210110
details12/201215:21 p.m.MARKET ST & SIXTYTHIRD ST & COBBS CREEK PY1310110
details09/201219:00 p.m.RAMP RD & UNIVERSITY AV1301001
details12/201220:17 p.m.FRANKFORD AV1210001
details01/20132:35 a.m.CITY AV1210001
details10/201218:00 p.m.POPLAR ST & SIXTEENTH ST1201110
details01/201312:13 p.m.APPLE ST & SHURS LN1201110
details01/201319:18 p.m.OXFORD AV & PRATT ST1210110
details01/201314:59 p.m.MARKET ST & TWENTIETH ST1210110
details02/20138:14 a.m.WHITAKER AV & RUSCOMB ST & ASHDALE ST & F ST1210110
details05/201111:30 a.m.DELAWARE AV1201110
details01/201317:31 p.m.PENROSE AV2310001
details01/201318:16 p.m.KNIGHTS RD1210001
details02/201311:22 a.m.MT AIRY AV1410001
details11/201112:20 p.m.COTTMAN AV1210110
details12/201212:02 p.m.GARLAND ST & ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details02/20136:07 a.m.MILNOR ST & LEFEVRE ST & MARGARET ST & ARAMINGO AV1210001
details02/201315:37 p.m.CHRISTIAN ST & EIGHTH ST1410001
details03/201314:29 p.m.CHURCH ST & WORTH ST1210110
details03/201318:20 p.m.LONGSHORE ST & ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details03/20138:30 a.m.MARKET ST & NINTH ST1210110
details01/201323:50 p.m.DELAWARE EX1210001
details02/201312:00 p.m.BROAD ST1310001
details01/20137:03 a.m.COTTMAN AV & TABOR AV1210001
details02/20139:35 a.m.FRANKFORD AV1320211
details03/20138:30 a.m.CHELTENHAM AV & TORRESDALE AV1210110
details03/20137:27 a.m.UNIVERSITY AV1210001
details02/201315:45 p.m.LINDBERGH BL1430330
details03/201311:06 a.m.BUSTLETON AV1210001
details03/201310:00 a.m.HENRY AV & INDIAN QUEEN LN2410110
details02/201318:16 p.m.BRIDGE ST & TORRESDALE AV1410110
details03/201319:00 p.m.FRANKFORD AV1210110
details03/201313:35 p.m.LEHIGH AV1210110
details04/20135:40 a.m.TWENTYNINTH ST & VARE AV1410110
details04/201310:40 a.m.TORRESDALE AV1210110
details03/201311:30 a.m.ARMAT ST & GERMANTOWN AV1210110
details04/201323:39 p.m.FIFTH ST & GODFREY AV1310110
details04/201322:30 p.m.NORRIS ST & TWENTYFOURTH ST1210110
details04/201323:00 p.m.RYAN AV & SANDYFORD AV1210110
details04/201316:00 p.m.CAMBRIA ST & BELGRADE ST1210110
details01/201323:19 p.m.VALLEY ST & WAKELING ST1210110
details05/201316:32 p.m.SPRING GARDEN ST & EIGHTEENTH ST2420301
details05/201317:00 p.m.MARVINE ST1210110
details04/201318:51 p.m.BROAD ST1301110
details05/20134:32 a.m.TABOR RD & TABOR AV & ADAMS AV1210110
details04/201316:50 p.m.FIFTYSIXTH ST1210110
details05/201322:20 p.m.JOHNSON ST & STENTON AV1510110
details02/20131:00 a.m.ADAMS AV1210110
details05/201321:00 p.m.H ST1201110
details05/201321:45 p.m.POWELTON AV & FORTIETH ST1210110
details05/201399:99 p.m.LOCUST ST & TWENTYTHIRD ST1201110
details05/201319:15 p.m.THIRD ST & LOMBARD ST1210110
details06/201317:35 p.m.CHESTER AV & FIFTYEIGHTH ST1210110
details05/201314:45 p.m.JEFFERSON ST & FIFTH ST1201110
details06/201323:00 p.m.SPRINGFIELD AV & PAXON ST1210110
details05/201313:30 p.m.OREGON ST & MOLE AV2410310
details03/20136:44 a.m.LEVICK ST1210110
details07/20139:20 a.m.AMERICAN ST & LEHIGH AV1210001
details07/201322:00 p.m.SIXTYTHIRD ST & LANSDOWNE AV1210110
details06/201315:57 p.m.CECIL B MOORE AV & SIXTH ST1201110
details07/201314:43 p.m.CHELWYNDE AV1310110
details07/201320:18 p.m.S TWENTYFIRST ST1210001
details06/201399:99 p.m.OXFORD AV & COTTMAN AV1210001
details08/201312:45 a.m.ELEVENTH ST1310110
details06/201317:04 p.m.GIRARD AV & AMERICAN ST & SECOND ST1210110
details07/201320:33 p.m.FIFTH ST1210001
details06/20134:41 a.m.KENSINGTON AV1210110
details07/201316:18 p.m.GERMANTOWN AV & SEYMOUR ST1210110
details07/201322:26 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1650104
details07/201399:99 p.m.SHARPNACK ST1210110
details06/201313:15 p.m.CLEARFIELD ST1210110
details05/201319:40 p.m.MASCHER ST1210110
details06/201319:45 p.m.RORER ST1210110
details08/201318:22 p.m.MARKET ST & THIRTEENTH ST1310110
details07/20131:32 a.m.LEHIGH AV3210110
details07/201316:48 p.m.SIXTYFIRST ST & BUIST AV1210110
details07/20132:15 a.m.DUNKS FERRY RD1302210
details08/20134:55 a.m.OGONTZ AV & CHAMPLOST AV1210110
details08/20135:38 a.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL & CHRISTIAN ST1210210
details08/20131:00 a.m.WATER ST1320210
details09/201317:53 p.m.D ST1210110
details08/201323:10 p.m.N FIFTH ST1210001
details08/201313:30 p.m.MASTER ST & ALLISON ST1201110
details07/20131:00 a.m.TABOR RD & RISING SUN AV1210210
details08/20133:05 a.m.FORTYEIGHTH ST1210110
details09/201319:08 p.m.TACONY ST1210001
details09/201317:00 p.m.BRADDOCK ST1210110
details09/20137:55 a.m.BROAD ST & CALLOWHILL ST1210110
details08/201318:45 p.m.MAIN ST & RIDGE AV1601110
details09/20137:15 a.m.THIRD ST & WYOMING AV3410310
details10/20136:11 a.m.TWENTYSECOND ST & CHESTNUT ST1510001
details09/201320:34 p.m.FIFTH ST & NORRIS ST1501110
details09/201317:27 p.m.DIAMOND ST & SEVENTEENTH ST1210110
details08/201323:59 p.m.GIRARD AV1310001
details09/20135:25 a.m.SPRUCE ST & THIRD ST1210110
details10/201310:48 a.m.FRANKFORD AV1610001
details10/201318:43 p.m.EIGHTH ST & SHUNK ST1201110
details10/201322:56 p.m.CLARISSA ST1210001
details09/201319:57 p.m.CLEVELAND ST1210110
details10/201312:59 p.m.UPLAND WY & FIFTYFOURTH ST1201110
details09/201318:18 p.m.ARAMINGO AV1210001
details10/20136:20 a.m.OLNEY AV & RISING SUN AV1210001
details10/201319:30 p.m.OGONTZ AV & OLNEY AV1210110
details10/201320:41 p.m.ORTHODOX ST & TORRESDALE AV1410110
details11/20136:35 a.m.MARKET ST & SIXTIETH ST1210110
details10/20138:25 a.m.FISHER AV & A ST1210110
details11/201399:99 p.m.GIRARD AV & FRONT ST1210110
details11/201318:50 p.m.GIRARD AV1310001
details06/201319:43 p.m.ELEANOR ST & FRONT ST & RISING SUN AV1301110
details06/201312:12 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1410110
details11/201399:99 p.m.WHITAKER AV & GARLAND ST1210110
details10/20132:24 a.m.ALLEGHENY AV & B ST1210110
details11/20133:15 a.m.RISING SUN AV2310001
details11/201321:40 p.m.GIRARD AV1210001
details09/201317:00 p.m.MARKET ST1310110
details11/201314:09 p.m.CITY AV & CARDINAL AV2310110
details10/201319:06 p.m.GREENWAY AV & FIFTYSECOND ST1210110
details10/20138:54 a.m.SWEET BRIAR DR PS & MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DR PS2301110
details11/201317:55 p.m.CHESTNUT ST1201110
details11/201320:00 p.m.WALNUT ST & FORTIETH ST1310110
details04/20138:51 a.m.RAMP RD & TO 3003/0040 RD2210001
details11/20131:27 a.m.SCHUYLKILL EX1210001
details12/201311:40 a.m.LEHIGH AV & BROAD ST1310001
details11/201318:30 p.m.54TH ST1210110
details11/20139:06 a.m.BROAD ST1210110
details11/201322:54 p.m.RIDGE AV1320220
details12/201322:25 p.m.RAMP RD1210001
details12/201317:10 p.m.LINDEN AV1210001
details05/201323:29 p.m.WYALUSING ST & FIFTYSECOND ST1210110
details12/201312:35 a.m.WOODLAND AV & 54TH ST1410110
details12/20139:24 a.m.GLENWOOD AV1210110
details12/201312:34 a.m.CHESTNUT ST & 16TH ST1210110
details01/20148:00 a.m.RHAWN ST & TORRESDALE AV1210110
details01/201422:45 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details01/20146:53 a.m.POINT BREEZE AV & TASKER ST1210110
details01/201412:20 a.m.RAMP RD1510110
details02/201417:03 p.m.KINGSESSING AV1210001
details01/201418:18 p.m.ISLAND AV & LINDBERGH BL1210001
details02/201423:47 p.m.LEHIGH AV1210001
details02/20141:48 a.m.PRATT ST & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details03/201415:35 p.m.WHARTON ST1210110
details03/201415:46 p.m.BLUE GRASS RD & WELSH RD1210001
details03/201416:44 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details03/201420:30 p.m.RUSCOMB ST & 18TH ST & BELFIELD AV1210110
details02/20142:00 a.m.N 2ND ST2310110
details03/201421:00 p.m.RUSCOMB ST & BELFIELD AV & OGONTZ AV1210110
details02/201499:99 p.m.OXFORD CR & ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details04/20147:00 a.m.KENSINGTON AV & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details03/201422:34 p.m.DOMINO LN1210110
details04/201415:10 p.m.MARSHALL RD & SPRUCE ST & COBBS CREEK PY1201110
details04/201414:00 p.m.40TH ST1201110
details04/201416:36 p.m.HADFIELD ST1210110
details04/201418:45 p.m.TWENTYNINTH ST1210110
details04/201422:19 p.m.TORRESDALE AV1201001
details04/201420:50 p.m.BUSTLETON AV1210001
details04/201421:27 p.m.SCHUYLKILL EX4410001
details04/201421:25 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details04/201421:00 p.m.DELAWARE EX1210001
details05/201417:59 p.m.MANHEIM ST1201110
details05/201415:34 p.m.WALNUT ST1210110
details04/201416:00 p.m.72ND ST & ELMWOOD AV1210110
details04/201423:16 p.m.WISSAHICKON AV1210110
details05/20149:54 a.m.THIRTIETH ST & WALNUT ST2310102
details05/20142:33 a.m.AMERICAN ST & GIRARD AV & SECOND ST1301001
details06/201415:35 p.m.VODGES ST & 56TH ST & VINE ST1210110
details06/201420:00 p.m.LANCASTER AV1210110
details05/201412:37 a.m.FLORENCE AV1320320
details06/20144:45 a.m.SIXTYFIFTH ST1210001
details06/201422:52 p.m.FRANKFORD AV & SHEFFIELD AV1210001
details05/201413:40 p.m.GIRARD AV1210001
details05/201418:45 p.m.IRVING ST1210110
details06/201411:31 a.m.9TH ST & SPRING GARDEN ST1201110
details06/201423:15 p.m.FIFTEENTH ST & VINE ST1201110
details05/201416:40 p.m.DICKINSON ST & 27TH ST1201110
details08/201413:51 p.m.OXFORD AV1210001
details06/201420:47 p.m.2ND ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details06/201419:20 p.m.N 54TH ST1210110
details07/201415:52 p.m.N 4TH ST1210110
details07/201416:46 p.m.FIFTYSECOND ST & SANSOM ST1201110
details05/20149:45 a.m.HUNTING PARK AV1310110
details08/201410:35 a.m.21ST ST & WINTER ST1201110
details07/201420:21 p.m.N DARIEN ST1210110
details08/201415:30 p.m.CEDAR AV & FIFTYSECOND ST1210110
details08/201416:37 p.m.BROAD ST & JACKSON ST1210110
details07/201423:00 p.m.PARK AV & W HUNTING PARK AV1320210
details07/201415:23 p.m.CHRISTIAN ST1210110
details07/20149:02 a.m.CASTOR AV2310001
details08/201421:36 p.m.SPRUCE ST & 54TH ST1210110
details09/201416:55 p.m.MARKET ST1210110
details08/20143:08 a.m.ACADEMY RD2310101
details08/20144:46 a.m.BROAD ST & COURTLAND ST & BELFIELD AV3410001
details08/201420:50 p.m.SANGER ST & LARGE ST1210110
details09/201418:30 p.m.WARREN ST & 36TH ST1201110
details08/20145:29 a.m.9TH ST & WYOMING AV1210001
details09/201423:58 p.m.TWENTYFIFTH ST & ALLEGHENY AV2410001
details09/201423:40 p.m.N FIFTH ST1210001
details09/201419:08 p.m.B ST1320220
details09/201421:40 p.m.WHITAKER AV1210110
details09/201420:18 p.m.LORETTO AV & LONGSHORE AV1201001
details10/201418:00 p.m.PASCHALL AV & SIXTYFIFTH ST1210110
details10/201416:30 p.m.23RD AV & SNYDER AV1201110
details10/201414:57 p.m.WARDEN DR & CONRAD ST & MIDVALE AV1210110
details10/20147:47 a.m.LYCOMING ST & BROAD ST1210110
details09/201419:22 p.m.15TH ST & WASHINGTON AV1320101
details09/20142:58 a.m.BELFIELD AV1210110
details08/20141:35 a.m.ALLEGHENY AV1310110
details10/201416:00 p.m.N 15TH ST1210001
details11/201420:53 p.m.CASTOR AV1210110
details10/201415:40 p.m.CAMBRIA ST & 6TH ST1201110
details11/201422:45 p.m.TYSON AV & FRANKFORD AV1210110
details09/201419:22 p.m.FIFTYFOURTH ST & OVERBROOK AV1210001
details09/201418:47 p.m.42ND ST1210110
details07/201411:20 a.m.GERMANTOWN AV1740304
details12/201422:55 p.m.RAMP RD & VINE STREET EX2310310
details11/201418:11 p.m.GOWEN AV & SPRAGUE ST1210001
details11/201417:27 p.m.16TH ST & CHESTNUT ST1210110
details11/20145:40 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL1320102
details11/20143:35 a.m.BROAD ST & TIOGA ST2510001
details11/201418:37 p.m.FRANKFORD AV & PENNYPACK ST1210110
details11/20146:19 a.m.30TH ST & CECIL B MOORE AV & GLENWOOD AV1210110
details08/201423:17 p.m.WAGNER AV & OLNEY AV1201110
details11/20147:15 a.m.LEHIGH AV1210110
details09/201418:47 p.m.N 42ND ST1210110
details09/201410:51 a.m.ARCH ST & 11TH ST1210110
details12/201418:02 p.m.L ST & ERIE AV1301110
details12/201417:26 p.m.KENSINGTON AV & FRANKFORD AV1510110
details01/201518:18 p.m.62ND ST & CHESTNUT ST1210001
details12/201420:56 p.m.59TH ST & MARKET ST1210001
details12/201417:28 p.m.COTTMAN AV & OAKLAND ST1310001
details12/201412:24 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details11/201414:52 p.m.ALLEGHENY AV1210001
details12/201417:15 p.m.STATE RD2310001
details11/20143:30 a.m.64TH AV & 5TH ST1210001
details02/201519:55 p.m.OREGON AV1210001
details12/20146:37 a.m.DUNGAN RD1210110
details12/201414:29 p.m.TYSON AV & FRANKFORD AV1210110
details12/20146:27 a.m.BORBECK AV & RYAN AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details12/20142:45 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL3510210
details02/201523:13 p.m.WOODLAND AV1210110
details02/201511:45 a.m.3RD ST1210110
details02/201519:27 p.m.BROAD ST & WINGOHOCKING ST1210110
details02/20153:00 a.m.KIP ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details02/201514:49 p.m.TORRESDALE AV & COTTMAN AV2310110
details02/201599:99 p.m.17TH ST & CHESTNUT ST1210110
details02/201518:30 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details02/201515:58 p.m.INDIANA ST & 2ND ST1210110
details02/201512:29 p.m.RYAN AV1210110
details02/201599:99 p.m.WOLF ST1210110
details02/20152:54 a.m.33RD ST & POWELTON AV2410110
details02/201515:34 p.m.BROAD ST11110110
details03/20151:14 a.m.N 24TH ST1210110
details03/201512:23 p.m.KENSINGTON AV & LEHIGH AV1201001
details03/20158:42 a.m.UNIVERSITY AV1301110
details03/201599:99 p.m.BANCROFT ST1210110
details03/20159:15 a.m.BUSTLETON AV & NAPFLE AV1210110
details12/201414:30 p.m.JEFFERSON ST & BROAD ST1210110
details03/20158:00 a.m.2ND ST & NEDRO AV1210110
details04/201522:15 p.m.N 5TH ST1210110
details04/201517:56 p.m.S NEWKIRK ST1210110
details04/20154:32 a.m.BROAD ST4310210
details03/201515:00 p.m.EMERALD ST1201110
details04/201515:00 p.m.PERCY ST1310110
details04/201519:03 p.m.DIAMOND ST & PARK AV1201110
details04/201518:30 p.m.57TH ST & LITCHFIELD ST1210001
details04/201510:29 a.m.SOUTH ST1502210
details04/201522:48 p.m.DELAWARE AV1210001
details04/201520:00 p.m.BRILL ST1210110
details04/20152:40 a.m.DELAWARE EX31010110
details05/201517:25 p.m.ELEVENTH ST & ARCH ST12210001
details04/201519:00 p.m.MASCHER ST1320101
details05/201523:44 p.m.RIDGE AV & GIRARD AV2201101
details05/201521:03 p.m.32ND ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details05/201521:10 p.m.CHURCH ST & TORRESDALE AV1210110
details05/201513:02 p.m.DELAWARE EX2210210
details05/201521:28 p.m.KENSINGTON AV & SERGEANT ST1310110
details05/201512:28 p.m.SPRINGFIELD AV1210110
details05/201517:30 p.m.3RD ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details06/201518:40 p.m.CAYUGA ST & 7TH ST1201001
details06/20158:30 a.m.M ST1320210
details06/201520:40 p.m.ROBERTS AV1210110
details06/201512:57 a.m.MARKET ST1210110
details06/201523:40 p.m.5TH ST & CECIL B MOORE AV1201110
details06/201522:05 p.m.ERIE AV1201001
details07/201523:30 p.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL1420210
details06/201512:10 a.m.SCHUYLKILL EX1610110
details07/20151:08 a.m.WALNUT ST & 11TH ST1210001
details07/20158:30 a.m.22ND ST & MARKET ST1201110
details07/201515:45 p.m.7TH ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details07/201513:00 p.m.N 2ND ST1201001
details07/201516:00 p.m.LANCASTER AV & 59TH ST1210110
details07/20158:00 a.m.K ST & ERIE AV1210110
details08/201516:32 p.m.LAMBERT ST1210110
details07/201515:43 p.m.WALNUT ST1210110
details08/201516:14 p.m.BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PY1801110
details08/20153:30 a.m.HENRY AV1310001
details08/20159:45 a.m.RACE ST & FRANKLIN ST1210001
details08/201518:57 p.m.MAGEE ST & SYLVESTER ST4210110
details08/201516:26 p.m.18TH ST & FONTAIN ST1210110
details08/201519:20 p.m.GIBBS PL1210110
details08/201517:09 p.m.SOUTH ST & RAMP RD & 1201110
details08/201599:99 p.m.BROAD ST1410110
details08/201521:40 p.m.WASHINGTON AV1210110
details08/201512:10 a.m.TWENTYSECOND ST & BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PY1201110
details06/201521:15 p.m.MARKET ST & 18TH ST1210110
details08/201519:49 p.m.SYLVANIA ST1210110
details08/201520:30 p.m.AMERICAN ST & DUNCANNON ST1201110
details08/201523:50 p.m.PASSYUNK AV1210110
details08/201512:04 p.m.GERMANTOWN AV1301110
details09/201522:01 p.m.WYNNEFIELD AV1201001
details09/20154:30 a.m.BROAD ST & ARCH ST1320102
details09/20153:00 a.m.LOCUST ST & 13TH ST1210110
details09/201516:45 p.m.RIDGE AV1210110
details09/201521:43 p.m.ARAMINGO AV1210001
details09/20152:15 a.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL1210110
details09/201521:00 p.m.GERMANTOWN AV1210001
details10/201522:40 p.m.B ST & ONTARIO ST1210001
details10/201517:25 p.m.WAGNER AV1210110
details10/201522:25 p.m.43RD ST & OGDEN ST1210110
details09/201520:40 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details09/201517:15 p.m.S 21ST ST1210001
details09/20153:10 a.m.WOODLAND AV & 47TH ST1201110
details10/201516:49 p.m.FIFTH ST & GODFREY AV1320210
details10/201516:01 p.m.THOURON AV & E SEDGWICK ST1210110
details10/201520:23 p.m.STATE RD1210001
details10/201514:15 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details10/201599:99 p.m.ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details10/20159:45 a.m.BROAD ST1301110
details10/201513:00 p.m.CHESTNUT ST & 12TH ST1210110
details10/20156:40 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL & WELSH RD1210110
details10/20151:14 a.m.SPRING GARDEN ST1310110
details10/20155:57 a.m.BROAD ST & CATHARINE ST1210110
details10/201515:44 p.m.CASKEY ST1410110
details11/201520:05 p.m.SIXTYTHIRD ST1210001
details11/20151:39 a.m.TORRESDALE AV1210001
details11/20153:35 a.m.HENLEY ST & HANSBERRY ST1210110
details11/201599:99 p.m.CEDAR ST1210110
details11/201517:00 p.m.HAVERFORD AV2410310
details10/201520:00 p.m.S 30TH ST1210110
details11/201518:25 p.m.BUSTLETON AV1320210
details11/201510:40 a.m.TULIP ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details11/20158:24 a.m.42ND ST & WESTMINSTER AV1210110
details11/201518:10 p.m.5TH ST & LUZERNE ST1210110
details01/201515:49 p.m.BROAD ST1310110
details03/201415:30 p.m.21ST ST & SUSQUEHANNA AV1210110
details12/201515:25 p.m.BROAD ST1210110
details12/201517:30 p.m.ARAMINGO AV1210110
details11/20154:36 a.m.BROAD ST1410301
details11/20156:23 a.m.W GURNEY ST1210001
details12/201518:52 p.m.CHRISTIAN ST1210110
details11/201513:38 p.m.PARKSIDE AV1201001
details11/20159:10 a.m.54TH ST & WOODLAND AV2310201
details12/20157:20 a.m.WOODLAND AV & S 58TH ST1201110
details12/201517:23 p.m.NOLAN ST & THOURON AV1210001
details12/201521:00 p.m.JUNIPER ST & CHESTNUT ST1210110
details11/201521:21 p.m.FRONT ST & GIRARD AV1320110
details12/201517:04 p.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL1210110
details12/201519:28 p.m.FORTYSECOND ST & BALTIMORE AV & CHESTER AV1210110
details08/201517:05 p.m.SOUTH ST & RAMP RD1201110
details12/20155:39 a.m.HARBISON AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details01/20166:40 a.m.BUSTLETON AV & MOWER ST1210001
details12/201518:30 p.m.BYBERRY RD & PROCTOR RD2510001
details01/20168:00 a.m.E WESTMORELAND ST & KENSINGTON AV & I ST1210110
details01/20162:54 a.m.5TH ST & HUNTING PARK AV1210110
details01/201612:47 a.m.HANCOCK ST & LEHIGH AV1210110
details01/201617:33 p.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL & TASKER ST1210001
details01/201620:22 p.m.BROAD ST1210110
details01/201620:13 p.m.CASTOR AV1210110
details02/201612:30 p.m.7TH ST1210110
details01/201616:30 p.m.WASHINGTON AV1201110
details03/201615:48 p.m.CECIL B MOORE AV1210110
details02/201615:04 p.m.JEFFERSON ST & 11TH ST1210110
details02/201618:11 p.m.63RD ST2110110
details02/201621:00 p.m.BUSTLETON AV1310001
details02/201618:30 p.m.BROAD ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details01/201619:30 p.m.RICHMOND ST & CUMBERLAND ST1210110
details03/201618:55 p.m.ONTARIO AV & B ST1430320
details02/201619:10 p.m.LARCHWOOD AV & 50TH ST1201110
details03/201618:31 p.m.22ND ST1210210
details03/20165:30 a.m.E TIOGA ST1610110
details03/20162:02 a.m.FRANKFORD AV1201001
details02/201619:03 p.m.STENTON AV1210001
details02/201620:08 p.m.HARBISON AV & ROOSEVELT BL2710001
details03/201613:34 p.m.GRANGE AV1210110
details03/201619:20 p.m.ROCKWELL ST1210110
details03/201620:25 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210210
details03/201616:58 p.m.WHARTON ST & 9TH ST3210101
details03/201620:05 p.m.SPRINGFIELD AV & 56TH ST1210110
details04/201617:15 p.m.42ND ST & CHESTER AV & BALTIMORE AV1401110
details03/201610:53 a.m.COTTMAN AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details04/20169:44 a.m.MOUNT VERNON ST & BROAD ST1210110
details03/201620:05 p.m.LINDBERGH BL2610001
details03/20168:21 a.m.TYSON AV & SACKETT ST1210001
details04/201623:40 p.m.CHESTER AV & 58TH ST1210110
details04/201621:00 p.m.HELLERMAN ST1210110
details04/20163:47 a.m.MARKET ST & FORTYFIFTH ST1210001
details10/201513:27 p.m.MARKET ST1210110
details04/201615:02 p.m.KENSINGTON AV3510310
details04/201612:04 a.m.VOGDES ST & VINE ST & 56TH ST1210110
details04/201617:46 p.m.WALLACE ST1210110
details04/201612:18 a.m.HUNTING PARK AV3520410
details04/20167:00 a.m.YORK ST & CABOT ST1201110
details05/201618:00 p.m.SCHOOL HOUSE LN & WAYNE AV1210110
details05/201616:35 p.m.MARSDEN ST1210110
details05/201621:35 p.m.OLNEY AV & BROAD ST1210110
details05/201618:16 p.m.VINE ST1210001
details05/201623:20 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL & C ST1210001
details05/201611:54 a.m.ORTHODOX ST1201001
details12/201517:45 p.m.ALLEGHENY AV1210110
details06/201616:10 p.m.GRAVERS LN & GERMANTOWN AV11820101
details05/201622:00 p.m.FRONT ST2210001
details05/201620:35 p.m.BELMONT AV & 44TH ST & LANCASTER AV1210110
details06/20161:17 a.m.CECIL B MOORE AV1210001
details05/201616:52 p.m.D ST & BINGHAM ST & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details06/201621:13 p.m.OLD YORK RD2210001
details06/201613:28 p.m.SCHOOL HOUSE LN1201110
details06/201616:45 p.m.CONSHOHOCKEN AV & CITY AV1210110
details06/201621:45 p.m.SNYDER AV1210110
details06/201623:30 p.m.59TH ST & RACE ST1210110
details06/201623:00 p.m.ADAMS AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details06/20161:40 a.m.BROAD ST1401210
details06/20163:37 a.m.S 61ST ST3210110
details07/20161:41 a.m.RUSCOMB ST & 5TH ST1210110
details06/201623:10 p.m.ROCKLAND ST & BROAD ST1210110
details06/20167:59 a.m.ELLSWORTH ST1210110
details06/201611:15 a.m.SOUTHAMPTON RD & ROOSEVELT BL2310001
details07/20161:42 a.m.WISSAHICKON AV1210101
details07/201620:41 p.m.BROAD ST1310110
details07/201611:30 a.m.MONTGOMERY AV & CROSKEY ST1210110
details07/201614:30 p.m.GIRARD AV1510001
details07/201699:99 p.m.YORK ST & RIDGE AV1210001
details07/201619:29 p.m.WASHINGTON LN & OGONTZ AV & SEVENTYFIFTH AV1310110
details07/20165:49 a.m.5TH ST1210110
details07/201621:06 p.m.JACKSON ST & 21ST ST2930601
details08/201612:32 a.m.54TH RD & GAINOR RD1210110
details08/201617:00 p.m.OLD YORK RD & LUZERNE ST1201110
details08/201619:23 p.m.55TH ST & LUDLOW ST1201110
details08/201620:15 p.m.W CAMBRIA ST & 2ND ST2210110
details08/201623:48 p.m.SPRINGFIELD AV & PEACH ST1210001
details08/201619:30 p.m.26TH ST & PENROSE AV & TWENTYSIXTH ST1210110
details05/201612:37 a.m.BUSTLETON AV1210001
details08/201619:44 p.m.GIRARD AV1310110
details08/20162:08 a.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL1310310
details08/20161:39 a.m.MASCHER ST & LEHIGH AV1320101
details08/201618:20 p.m.24TH ST1210001
details08/201612:58 a.m.MAIN ST3310210
details09/20168:00 a.m.CURIE BL1210110
details09/201612:46 a.m.FRANKFORD AV1201001
details08/201612:22 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details08/201618:42 p.m.MERION AV1210001
details09/201618:45 p.m.L ST1210110
details08/201619:38 p.m.PAXON ST & SPRINGFIELD AV1210110
details09/201620:45 p.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL1201110
details09/201699:99 p.m.COTTMAN AV & ERDRICK ST1210001
details09/201612:00 p.m.9TH ST1210110
details09/201611:21 a.m.SECOND ST & ALLEGHENY AV1210001
details09/20167:20 a.m.BYBERRY RD & KELVIN AV1310110
details10/201614:58 p.m.GERMANTOWN AL & VENANGO ST1210110
details10/20166:27 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details10/201613:23 p.m.FIFTEENTH ST & RAMP RD & VINE ST1210110
details10/201620:21 p.m.ROBERTS AV1210110
details09/201618:30 p.m.HUNTING PARK AV1610110
details10/20169:39 a.m.KELLY DR1210001
details09/20161:36 a.m.CASTOR AV & BLEIGH AV1210001
details10/201613:19 p.m.TYSON AV & ROOSEVELT BL2501510
details10/20168:10 a.m.VERREE RD & BORBECK AV1320210
details10/201699:99 p.m.BROAD ST & UNKNOWN ST1210110
details10/201621:00 p.m.GIRARD AV & BROAD ST1201110
details10/201615:48 p.m.COTTMAN AV1310110
details10/201613:20 p.m.BUSTLETON AV1210110
details10/201615:00 p.m.KELLY DR1210110
details08/20165:55 a.m.FAIRMOUNT AV & 22ND ST1210110
details10/201621:03 p.m.RISING SUN AV1210110
details10/201619:43 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1510001
details11/201612:05 a.m.FRONT ST & LEHIGH AV1210001
details11/20161:52 a.m.BROAD ST1210110
details11/20162:22 a.m.MARKET ST & ELEVENTH ST1320111
details11/20169:24 a.m.BUSTLETON AV1210110
details11/201617:20 p.m.A ST & LEHIGH AV1210001
details11/201618:36 p.m.GERMANTOWN AV1210110
details08/201614:15 p.m.VINE ST & 8TH ST & RAMP RD1201110
details11/201616:08 p.m.SAINT VINCENT ST & FRANKFORD AV1210110
details11/20163:59 a.m.OREGON AV1210110
details11/201617:05 p.m.CHESTNUT ST & 23RD ST1210001
details11/201618:12 p.m.COTTMAN AV1310110
details10/201620:15 p.m.LEHIGH AV & A ST1310001
details11/201623:26 p.m.BUSTLETON AV & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details11/201615:15 p.m.LANSDOWNE AV & SIXTYTHIRD ST1210001
details11/20161:00 a.m.22ND ST2210110
details12/201617:00 p.m.BELMONT AV & OVERBROOK AV & FORD RD1210110
details12/201618:02 p.m.WINGOHOCKING ST & 9TH ST1210110
details12/201614:00 p.m.N 9TH ST1210110
details12/20165:58 a.m.ERIE AV1210001
details11/201616:10 p.m.LINDBERGH BL & ISLAND AV1510001
details12/201617:40 p.m.BUSTLETON AV1210110
details12/201616:10 p.m.FRANKFORD AV1210001
details01/20176:40 a.m.LEHIGH AV1210110
details01/201711:20 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details12/201623:04 p.m.KNIGHTS RD1210110
details01/20179:57 a.m.40TH ST & MARKET ST1210110
details01/20179:43 a.m.40TH ST & LOCUST ST1301110
details01/201715:12 p.m.NORRIS ST & WARNOCK ST1210110
details01/201718:48 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details01/201713:55 p.m.10TH ST & RACE ST1210110
details01/201719:11 p.m.MT PLEASANT AV & LINCOLN DR1320210
details01/201719:56 p.m.57TH ST & GIRARD AV1320101
details01/201711:29 a.m.COTTMAN AV1210001
details01/20179:00 a.m.ALLEGHENY AV2410310
details01/201723:42 p.m.LARGE ST & ROOSEVELT BL1420002
details01/20177:02 a.m.FISHER AV & 6TH ST1210110
details01/201718:25 p.m.ASHDALE ST & C ST1210110
details01/201718:44 p.m.BUTLER ST & BROAD ST1210110
details01/20171:39 a.m.CHEW AV & 12TH ST1210001
details02/201715:57 p.m.15TH ST2510210
details02/201712:59 p.m.WOODHAVEN RD3610322
details02/20178:00 a.m.3RD ST & WIDENER ST1210110
details02/201715:29 p.m.GIRARD AV & BROAD ST1210110
details01/201717:55 p.m.11TH ST & NORRIS ST1210110
details02/201722:05 p.m.CITY AV1430310
details02/20179:36 a.m.TULIP ST1210110
details02/201716:53 p.m.SENTNER ST & RISING SUN AV1210110
details03/201715:25 p.m.BERKS ST & 6TH ST1210110
details03/201716:32 p.m.39TH ST & FAIRMOUNT AV1210110
details04/201722:08 p.m.ARAMINGO AV1201001
details04/201713:47 p.m.SAINT VINCENT ST1210110
details04/201722:10 p.m.6TH ST & ERIE AV1320210
details04/201718:53 p.m.DOMINO LN & RIDGE AV1210110
details04/20171:50 a.m.11TH ST & MARKET ST1210110
details05/201712:27 p.m.S 34TH ST1301110
details04/201714:48 p.m.FRANKFORD AV1210110
details04/201715:50 p.m.AMERICAN ST & HUNTINGDON ST1210110
details04/201718:30 p.m.4TH ST & GASKILL ST1210110
details04/20172:00 a.m.JOHN F KENNEDY BL & 15TH ST & FROM 3022/0010 RD & FIFTEENTH ST1210110
details04/201722:45 p.m.ROBERTS AV1210110
details04/20175:27 a.m.62ND ST & WEBSTER ST1210110
details05/20174:44 a.m.ARAMINGO AV1210001
details05/20173:03 a.m.BRYN MAWR AV & CITY AV1210110
details04/201713:23 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details05/201718:01 p.m.60TH ST & KINGSESSING AV2620310
details05/201714:40 p.m.5TH ST & CAYUGA ST1210210
details06/201712:25 a.m.THIRTYEIGHTH ST & MARKET ST1210001
details05/20175:25 a.m.HUNTING PARK AV & BROAD ST1210210
details05/201719:30 p.m.OAKLAND ST1210110
details05/201720:44 p.m.HUNTING PARK AV1210110
details05/201715:52 p.m.FRANKFORD AV1210110
details06/201716:05 p.m.16TH ST & CECIL B MOORE AV2410210
details06/20177:44 a.m.PRESIDENTIAL BL & CITY AV1302210
details05/201722:22 p.m.46TH ST & CHESTNUT ST1210110
details06/201720:47 p.m.ARAMINGO AV1320111
details06/201714:00 p.m.SPRUCE ST & 18TH ST1201110
details06/201711:43 a.m.JOHN F KENNEDY BL2820211
details05/201723:09 p.m.RIDGE AV & GREEN LN1210001
details06/201723:00 p.m.PARKSIDE AV1310110
details06/201716:30 p.m.BROAD ST & MOORE ST1210110
details07/201722:01 p.m.HAZZARD ST1210001
details07/20179:45 a.m.LOCUST ST & BROAD ST1210110
details07/201713:55 p.m.2ND ST & FURLEY ST1201110
details07/201714:07 p.m.ALTON ST & GRANT AV & WELSH RD3510001
details08/201715:53 p.m.ALBURGER AV & VERREE RD1201110
details04/201720:10 p.m.FRONT ST1210110
details06/201711:16 a.m.5TH ST & BERKS ST1410110
details06/20174:46 a.m.VINE STREET EX2310211
details07/201722:27 p.m.RAMP A RD & SCHUYLKILL EX1210001
details08/201712:46 a.m.BROAD ST1310001
details08/20171:13 a.m.40TH ST & WALNUT ST1210110
details08/201722:25 p.m.ALLEGHENY AV1210001
details08/20173:45 a.m.RACE ST & WATTS ST1210001
details08/201799:99 p.m.TWENTYNINTH ST & RIDGE AV3210110
details08/201721:29 p.m.RACE ST1210110
details06/201716:18 p.m.DIAMOND ST & 17TH ST1210110
details07/201723:30 p.m.PARKSIDE AV1210001
details09/201720:18 p.m.MARKET ST & THIRTYEIGHTH ST1210110
details07/201714:45 p.m.HARBISON AV & ROOSEVELT BL1310001
details08/201722:34 p.m.BUSTLETON AV51210920
details08/201723:45 p.m.ASHDALE ST & C ST1201001
details09/201717:22 p.m.BROAD ST & RAMP RD & VINE ST1210110
details09/201720:21 p.m.BROWN ST & 42ND ST1210110
details06/201712:25 a.m.ROOSEVELT BL2310001
details09/201799:99 p.m.GIRARD AV & 40TH ST & PARKSIDE AV1210110
details09/201720:57 p.m.58TH ST & WYALUSING AV & HAVERFORD AV1210110
details08/201716:24 p.m.MONTOUR ST & MAYFAIR ST1210001
details09/201716:44 p.m.BROAD ST & ONTARIO ST2301110
details10/20179:17 a.m.BROAD ST & VINE ST & RAMP RD1210110
details09/201716:21 p.m.TORRESDALE AV5310101
details09/201715:30 p.m.WASHINGTON LN1320220
details09/201714:24 p.m.29TH ST & TWENTYNINTH ST & GIRARD AV1210110
details09/20179:50 a.m.BROAD ST & SPRUCE ST1210110
details09/201712:38 p.m.8TH ST & WALNUT ST1210110
details09/201722:36 p.m.MELON ST1210110
details09/201712:55 a.m.GLENWOOD AV & BROAD ST1210001
details10/20177:12 a.m.BROAD ST1210110
details09/201721:26 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210110
details09/201716:39 p.m.BRYN MAWR AV & CITY AV1210110
details10/20178:45 a.m.CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS BL1210001
details09/201720:12 p.m.TABOR RD & RISING SUN AV1210110
details10/201711:20 a.m.PARK AV & CHEW AV1210110
details10/20174:15 a.m.PINE RD1210001
details10/201718:25 p.m.C ST & WYOMING AV1210110
details10/201719:34 p.m.GERMANTOWN AV1210110
details10/201713:36 p.m.FRONT ST & GODFREY AV1320210
details10/201715:20 p.m.RISING SUN AV & MASCHER AV & TIBER ST1310110
details10/201717:13 p.m.SEVENTH ST & ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details10/20172:37 a.m.ALLEGHENY AV1210001
details11/201718:54 p.m.PENN ST1310110
details11/20177:26 a.m.SPRUCE ST & 11TH ST1310001
details11/20172:44 a.m.STENTON AV2320220
details11/201723:00 p.m.VINE ST & SIXTYTHIRD ST1210110
details11/201712:02 p.m.ARAMINGO AV2210110
details12/20177:53 a.m.BROAD ST & JEFFERSON ST1201110
details11/201717:30 p.m.HENRY AV1310001
details12/201722:30 p.m.CHESTNUT ST1201110
details11/201714:40 p.m.PEARL ST1210110
details11/20179:53 a.m.HAGERT ST & KENSINGTON AV1201110
details12/201718:26 p.m.LEHIGH AV1210001
details12/201721:00 p.m.MARKET ST & 21ST ST1210110
details12/201717:56 p.m.PARKSIDE AV & MEMORIAL AV1210110
details10/201722:00 p.m.67TH ST1210001
details11/20175:39 a.m.ESSINGTON AV & SIXTYSEVENTH ST1210001
details11/201714:10 p.m.ROOSEVELT BL1210001
details12/20177:15 a.m.S 4TH ST & OREGON AV1210110
details11/20179:19 a.m.WAYNE AV & BERKLEY ST1210110
details12/20176:21 a.m.WASHINGTON AV & 24TH ST3510101
details12/201722:00 p.m.OLD LANCASTER RD & CITY AV & FIFTYFOURTH ST1210001
details12/20171:02 a.m.PASSYUNK AV1210110
details12/201715:15 p.m.5TH ST1201110
details11/20175:01 a.m.CLEARFIELD ST & KENSINGTON AV & G ST1201110
details12/20179:15 a.m.ANDREWS AV1210110
details12/20179:30 a.m.BROAD ST & CHESTNUT ST1210110
details12/20179:55 a.m.13TH ST & PINE ST1201110
details12/201718:28 p.m.LAPSLEY RD & CITY AV1210110


Pedestrians Bicyclists
Fatalities 244 22
Major Injuries 539 93




Data Sources: PennDOT

PennDot compiles annual reports of reportable crashes in Pennsylvania. Crashes not defined as reportable will not appear. PennDot's website defines reportable crashes as :
"A reportable crash is one in which the incident occurs on a highway or traffic way that is open to the public and an injury or a fatality occurs, or at least one of the vehicles involved requires towing from the scene. The figures are compiled from the traffic crash reports that are submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation by state, county, municipal and other law enforcement agencies, as specified in the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code (75 Pa. C.S., Chapter 37, Subchapter C)."

Contact: DataHub

* Definitions

(click to expand)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) definition of Aggressive Driving is two or more driver actions considered aggressive.

Driver actions considered aggressive are the following:

  • Making Illegal U-Turn
  • Improper/Careless Turning
  • Turning From Wrong Lane
  • Proceeding W/O Clearance After Stop
  • Running Stop Sign
  • Running Red Light
  • Failure To Respond To Other Traffic Control Device
  • Tailgating
  • Sudden Slowing/Stopping
  • Careless Passing Or Lane Change
  • Passing In No Passing Zone
  • Making Improper Entrance To Highway
  • Making Improper Exit From Highway
  • Speeding
  • Driving Too Fast For Conditions
  • Driver Fleeing Police
  • Click here for more information